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Start your Barrington IL Real Estate search here. As a home matchmaker, our number one goal is to help you find the home of your dreams. As your Barrington Realtor® we focus on the luxury homes market in Barrington, move up buyers needing more space, and buyers that are ready to own some land with their new home.

New home in Sunset Estates Barrington ILAre you ready to invest the fruits of your hard work into a luxury home? Is your family expanding and you need more space inside and out? Do you want to move into a great school district? We help all families achieve their next home buying dream.

Home buyers want to see all the homes for sale in Barrington Illinois and we've made it as simple as starting a home search, or for more specific searching you can search by community, neighborhood, school name, price or map. We are the most comprehensive website for buying or selling a home in the Barrington IL area.

Where To Find Homes For Sale in Barrington To Suit Your Lifestyle

Each of the villages of Barrington offer different kinds of real estate.

For luxury homes, those priced at $1 Million and above, your best choices will be in: Barrington Hills, South Barrington, and Inverness.
For homes on acreage look in unincorporated Barrington, Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Deer Park, Inverness and Tower Lakes.
For larger lots, 5 or more acres you'll need to look in Barrington Hills.
Move up buyers should consider Barrington, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, and Deer Park.

Barrington Buyers Agents

When you are ready to take next steps in the buying process, we hope you'll call on us. We are your Barrington home buyer advocates.
Try our enhanced searching features. Use the Advanced Search to search for homes by price, city, zip code, type, bedrooms, acreage, features, schools and much more. You won't find a more comprehensive Barrington home search anywhere.

Corinne’s Real Estate Blog

Home Value Estimator – Which One Should You Use?

home value estimator

If you are looking for a Home Value Estimator, you are likely thinking of selling your home. Over the last ten years our real estate market saw the high and the low on a wild roller coaster, and it's not as easy for home owners to keep tabs on the value of their real estate. It's understandable that many of you go searching for a Home Value Estimator to try to at least get an idea of your homes … [Read More...]

Lake Barrington Real Estate Summer Report 2014

lake barrington sales 2009 2014

Time for a late summer 2014 report for the Lake Barrington real estate market. I just wanted to take a quick peak at sales during July, August and September. The Lake Barrington Real Estate statistics are for both single family and attached homes.   Lake Barrington Market Report Summer 2014 In the 3rd quarter of 2014 there were 25 homes closed in Lake Barrington. Compare that to … [Read More...]

South Barrington Real Estate Summer Report 2014

Wooden plaque with gold or brass plate

South Barrington is a small real estate market and we are a little late with our summer quarterly report. Our report for the South Barrington real estate market likely finishes the most active selling part of 2014. The South Barrington Real Estate statistics are for single family homes, I am not including land sales and there are no attached homes here.   South Barrington Market Report … [Read More...]

How My Listing Appointment Got Me a Perfect Hair Cut


Yes really! I have been growing my hair on and off for the last 5 years. Every time it gets to a certain length, I end up cutting it back. Not really short but to a manageable length. Actually my husband does it, more about why later. My hair is thick, I can thanks my kids for that. (Son on right). Not sure if it's a good thing! I guess anyone with fly away hair would say yes, but thick hair … [Read More...]

Why Hiring Your Own Buyers Agent Makes it Easier to Look at Homes

hiring your own buyers agent can same time and money

This is the next post in our series, Corinne's Guide to Buying. Visit the guide to find all the posts in the series. Now we've established working with a Realtor, confidentiality and the costs of buying real estate, it's time to start looking at properties. Today we'll explain the process so you'll be able to see why hiring your own buyers agent makes it easier to look at homes. Hiring Your … [Read More...]

Barrington Hills Luxury Home Sold by Corinne Guest

Consumers often think of the listing agents selling homes but that is usually only half the story. Most commonly there are two Barrington Realtors involved in a home sale. As a Barrington buyers Realtor, I bought the buyers that purchased this beautiful home at $1.9 million. Located in Barrington Hills on several acres, the property is substantial in size and has several acres. This web site … [Read More...]

North Barrington Market Report Summer 2014

Wooden plaque with gold or brass plate

North Barrington is a small real estate market like Barrington Hills, so we provide quarterly reports instead of monthly. It makes the data more sensible. Take a look at our report for the North Barrington real estate market. The North Barrington Real Estate statistics are for single family homes, I am not including land sales and we have so few town houses it wouldn't affect the … [Read More...]

Barrington Hills Market Report Summer 2014

barrington hills 2014

Moving swiftly on with my market reports it is now the turn of Barrington Hills. What's been happening with Barrington Hills real estate during the last months of summer? How does it stack up against summer of 2013? Take a look at our report for the Barrington Hills real estate market. The Barrington Hills Real Estate statistics are for single family homes, I am not including land … [Read More...]

Barrington Illinois Market Report – July through September 2014

Wooden plaque with gold or brass plate

I'm a little late with my third quarter market reports, so I'll dive in and get them all done. Both home buyers and home sellers will be interested in the sales information for Barrington in 2014 compared to 2013. What's been happening with Barrington Illinois real estate during the last months of summer? How does it stack up against summer of 2013? Take a look at our report for the … [Read More...]

Lake Barrington, Hiking and Fall Fresh Air!

new paths for walking in Lake Barrington

Those who know me well, know I do not really like the summer weather much. When Fall arrives I am the first to want to get outside to get some fresh air, just like this morning after a frost covered the area. My husband and I started Saturday out with a 3.8 mile walk along the Grassy Lake Forest Trails which start at the Lake Barrington Village Hall. It was a cloudy day and was raining lightly on … [Read More...]