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Barrington IL Homes For Sale & Real Estate Resource

Welcome to our Barrington Real Estate and Community Information Blog. Here we highlight homes for sale in Barrington IL and it's neighboring villages as well as tips and advice for home buyers and sellers in our community. As your Barrington Realtor® Corinne is here to help you buy luxury homes, homes on acreage, new construction homes, Historical properties, town-homes, condos and vacant land.

New home in Sunset Estates Barrington ILHome buyers want to see all the homes for sale in Barrington Illinois and we've made it as simple as starting a home search, or for more specific searching you can search by community, neighborhood, school name, price or map.

Our site is responsive to make searching by phone and tablet easy and we are the most comprehensive website for buying or selling a home in the Barrington IL area.

Barrington IL Relocation Buyers

Our deep understanding of relocation does not come just from real estate sales experience, it comes from real life experience. Having moved nationally and internationally throughout her life, Corinne understands the challenges facing relocation buyers and is happy to put her expertise at your disposal. You'll be partnering with an experienced Barrington Realtor, a Wife, Mom and a Pet Lover. A successful move involves more than just finding a new home. Only Corinne understands the entire project.

Our Barrington IL real estate service area includes: Barrington, Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Deer Park, Inverness and Tower Lakes. We also serve the similar country suburban communities of Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, and Long Grove.

If you like open green space with beautiful homes and a quaint village at the center of it all, Barrington IL is the only place to call home. We made it ours in 1996 and look forward to helping you make it yours.

Searching for Barrington IL Homes

The Internet has become "the" place to search homes for sale in Barrington IL. As a member of the MLS, Barrington Realty Company and Corinne Guest provide all the available listings; unlike the bigger national advertising sites which do not. Typically we have 30% more homes to look at than they do. As your Barrington Realtor we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your Barrington IL real estate search.

Enhanced Searching Features

We have made it easier than ever to find your dream home. Use the Advanced Search to search for homes by price, city, zip code, type, bedrooms, acreage, features, schools and much more. You won't find a more comprehensive Barrington IL home search anywhere.

Corinne’s Real Estate Blog

Lake Barrington, Hiking and Fall Fresh Air!

new paths for walking in Lake Barrington

Those who know me well, know I do not really like the summer weather much. When Fall arrives I am the first to want to get outside to get some fresh air, just like this morning after a frost covered the area. My husband and I started … [Read More...]

7 Home Buying Costs You Need To Know

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Our last ultimate guide to buying homes post, talked about what you should tell your real estate agent, now it's our turn to talk to you about home buying costs you need to know about. You can also read more articles here: Read More … [Read More...]

The No. 1 Challenge For Luxury Home Buyers in Barrington


Contrary to what you might think the No.1 challenge for luxury home buyers in Barrington Illinois is not finance. Jumbo and super jumbo loans are readily available with very attractive interest rates. Granted you'll need a sizeable down … [Read More...]

What To Tell Your Barrington Real Estate Agent

Moving services

Continuing our buyer series with some guidelines about what to tell your Barrington real estate agent. If you didn't read our first articles you can find them at: Buying Homes Without an Agent Are You My Mother? Read More Articles … [Read More...]

Are You My Mother?

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Buying Homes in Barrington Without an Agent


Buying homes in Barrington without an agent can be a choice you make for a number of reasons. 1. If you find for sale by owner homes in Barrington and decide you want to deal directly with the owner, neither you or the seller have an … [Read More...]

Unsold Homes in Barrington Need Caretakers if Vacated

Single metal valve for water.

If you have left town and have a home on the market for sale, it's going to need a caretaker in your absence. Home owners often underestimate the issues that may arise once they have departed. It's easy to think that nothing will go wrong … [Read More...]

Non Corporate Relocation Buyers & Sellers


When talking about relocation many people instantly think about corporate relocation. A job move where either the new employer or a company they hire, helps the inbound employee and family relocate to a new home. Corporate relocation … [Read More...]