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lakeviewLake Barrington Shores is still a popular place to call home. You can view all the Lake Barrington Shores homes for sale right from this web site, we are the most visited web site for Lake Barrington Shores for buyers and sellers.

To start your search click the button to view all active listings. If you would like to buy a Lake Barrington Shores home all you need do is give me a call at 847-363-3686 and we can chat right away. or cruise the available listings, just click the button.

Selling Your Lake Barrington Shores Condo or Town Home.

When it comes to Lake Barrington Shores we are now specializing with selling your home. We have never enjoyed working both sides of the fence, in fact dual agency is something we are dead against. So what better way to provide our Lake Barrington Shores clients with the best service. Focus on our sellers and have one of our partner agents help all the buyer enquiries we get. It’s a win situation for all parties as both sellers and buyers get their own agent.

Are you considering selling your Lake Barrington Shores home? There’s good news for you. 2013 was an awesome year with 90 home sold. That’s almost double the sales in the preceding year. As for 2014 we are just past the half way mark and currently show 36 sales. There are 10 more under contract so it won’t be long before we start catching up. Summer is always a busy time for sales. We may not match 2013 but it’s an active market and one you may not want to miss!

Preparing Your Condo or Town Home for sale.

lake barrington shores homes in top condition and priced right will sell fast, the rest will be passed byI cannot stress this enough. Thinking about it one day and listing it the next is poor preparation and will hurt your pocket. Even the best units require a little work before listing for sale. You’ll want to unclutter the house and as much as you can make it like a show room model. Here are some thoughts:

  • Are you in tip top condition? If not you won’t sell for top dollar.
  • What’s your reason for selling? Are you leaving quickly, have you left? What’s your motivation? Can you be realistic on your price?
  • Do you have too much furniture? You may need to remove, sell or store some items to stop buyers thinking the home is too small.
  • Are your carpets dirty or over – stretched? What’s the best option? Replace, re-fit, deep clean.
  • Are you original the build? Buyers want upgraded units. The old kitchens and brown flush doors are going to date you. You may experience a long marketing time as your competing listings sell. Price may be a serious issue.
  • Your color scheme. You might love it, others might hate it. Neutralize. It might be boring but it sells houses.

All of these questions are made to help you understand where you are at. Preparation is the key to the best sale, and we are not in a sellers market here in Lake Barrington, not at all. Check out out your competition.

Get an Idea Of Sale Value.

While you are thinking about your preparation, it may be the perfect time to get a valuation. We are happy to provide our honest opinion, all you need to do is fill out our form and be honest with your answers. If you are already listed we cannot intervene but can provide you with answers to your questions. You are free to fill in the form but we’ll need to check your active listing. Rest assured we will not contact your current Lake Barrington Shores Realtor.

Choosing The Right Lake Barrington Realtor

If you were the only listing available when there were 100 buyers looking, it really would not matter who you choose to market your home. The minute it became available would be the minute it sold. But that’s not reality and there’s more to marketing a home than adding data to the MLS.


You don’t want a Realtor that uses a cell pone to take photos of your unit. You need a Realtor that either uses a photographer or one that understands photography and has the right equipment to showcase your home. We use professional equipment and we never shoot in automatic mode. We use a wide angle lens to capture as much of each room as we can.  We don’t need all the house lights on, we know how to shoot professional photos! The average Lake Barrington Shores home gets 100 photos taken and we then choose the best 25 for the MLS listing. Many others will be used in other marketing that we do.


Virtual Tour

There’s no excuse for Realtors to not add a virtual tour to the marketing of your home. It’s an opportunity to showcase more of those photos we took. We can add informative text so buyers know what they are looking at.

Beyond The MLS

I am sure you have heard of Trulia and Zillow. Most buyers have and they use the sites extensively in their home search. Yet many Realtors don’t use them at all. We’ll be sure your property with expanded details, more photos and that virtual tour all get entered into their databases. Your property will be found and the buyers can contact us direct for more information.

A Web Site Just For Your Home

Yes most Realtors have a web site but how many get visitors, lots of visitors. You’ll see on the side of this page our newest listings. Click on any photo and you’ll see how your property will be showcased. We get lots of visitors too, 58,000 odd over the last 2 years.

What We Don’t Bother With and Why

With things that won’t sell your property. Brochures are a waste of paper. Open houses are a waste of time. Print media is a waste of energy. None of these are going to sell your home.

  • The internet has far exceeded what any print media can do to expose your home to buyers.
  • Brochures only repeat what the eyes have just seen. Believe me when I tell you the buyers viewing will make their decision on the visit. By the way, every brochure my buyers have taken, bar one single one, were either thrown away or given to me to throw away. I at least try to recycle the paper.
  • Open houses. Who are you expecting to come? It’s quite simple. If a buyer is interested in buying they’ll be visiting with their Realtor. You don’t need an open house to do that. Open house visitors are not buyers, they are browsers. It all changed with the internet taking over how buyers search for homes. In the old days it was newspapers and open houses.
    • As for Realtors, those that do open houses do them to pacify you. But they may also do them for a self serving reason. To collect a buyer if lucky, maybe two.


One final yet very important consideration. You must have a good connection with your Realtor. Choose the Realtor you think has the best marketing plan but make sure you can talk to each other, just not like a Friday night out. We take our listings very seriously, promote them using all the tools we know work, including social media, we are business like but also friendly. Our goal is simple – to sell your home!

We have been successfully marketing and selling homes in Lake Barrington Shores for 10 years. We are ready to help you sell yours.contactmeboth

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