Barrington Homes Market Times Rising. How Will This Affect You?

There’s no doubt about it. As I watch the MLS every day and specifically the Barrington homes re-sale market, it’s taking longer to sell in Barrington as seen from the chart below. This is for all single family home sales in the entire Barrington area. I have compared 2016 to 2015 and it’s clear, be prepared for a longer time on market.

Barrington Homes Market Times Rising

It does look as if there is some leveling out but I would want a longer period of time to see if that trend continues. Simply put though the average time on market for homes in Barrington Illinois is nearing 6 months. That puts us almost back in a strong buyers market. Unlike many nearby areas where it became a strong sellers market, Barrington never made it to that. We have been a level market for the last 2 years but inching up. The most common status change in the MLS for the Barrington area every day is now Price Change.

Should You List Your Home For Sale if Barrington Homes Market Times Are Rising?

There is no yes or no answer to this question but it’s often asked at this time of year. If you are committed to selling and have been on the market for sale, leave your home for sale. If you are not in a rush it’s a gamble. You might lose out on that potential buyer by taking your home off during Holiday season. You might lose out if market pressure causes prices to drop. If you are thinking about listing for sale, I always say consider one thing first and foremost. It’s not the market or the stats, it’s you and your family.

Your circumstances now and over the next six months should be the driving factor about when to list for sale. Nothing else.

If you do list for sale don’t get greedy on your price, you’ll be on market longer than average and could miss a sale. Remember you are in a competition. Also don’t over dress your homes description. Gourmet kitchens need to be gourmet kitchens. Stunning bathrooms need to be stunning. Everything needs to be clean and uncluttered. Listen to what your Realtor tells you about potential objections from buyers. Issues should either be addressed and resolved or your price should be adjusted accordingly.

Remember not every buyer that comes to look will like your decorating taste and even the way you furnished. Some buyers have the ability to look past these things, others do not. It’s a stressful time to keep your home tidy for buyers to wander around and then not buy. Be ready for that inconvenience!

Pick Your Real Estate Broker Wisely

I suggest always selecting a local broker. We tend to know our market better that an outsider. Always question your broker to see if they do know what’s going on in the market, many never bother to research. A broker without a web presence is a broker without a passion for their business ! (IMHO).

Looking for a real estate broker with a great web presence that can expose your home to relocation buyers, new home buyers, horse property buyers, luxury home buyers? We get more buyers for these niches in Barrington real estate market than anything else.

Get featured here by calling Corinne Guest at 847-363-3686.

The Dog House of Barrington

finlay 6 weeks
Finlay – 6 Weeks Old

You work full time and you get a puppy. Here is Finlay at 6 weeks when we chose him. Life changes, but you don’t want to throw the career away. You do want to combine the joys of owning a dog and working. What’s a Mom to do?

A Puppy’s Life is Busy

I have lived in Barrington for 20 years and although we previously had a dog, he was an old boy and was happy to snooze away the day with the odd visit outside and breakfast and dinner, with one 30 minute walk, a few tickles and sleeping at his master’s feet. If you’ve heard the expression It’s a Dog’s Life, well that about summed it up for Gambit, our Irish Setter. Bliss.

Along comes a rambunctious new puppy and slow down is not in his vocabulary, except when the steam runs out and he crashes for a quick snooze. Always on the go, wants to play all day, does not want to be alone, oh and then there’s the constant potty breaks needed when house training. 3 meals a day. Being a Golden Retriever with hunting bloodlines, he loves being outside! Would spend hours watching the world go by especially flying ducks and geese. Sounds more like a puppy vacation. For him, again bliss.

We have given Finlay, our new Golden Retriever, some basic training but he’s got a few naughty habits I have not been able to break. His worst is leash biting, making walkies a tough problem at times now he is 40lbs; I cannot scoop him up anymore. And oddly, clothes tugging. Strange and not sure where that came from.

Yikes what to do. There’s always a solution to a problem, I just need to find it.

Enter The Dog House of Barrington

So I go looking for a trainer who can give Finlay more than I know and my search turns up Mark Boldt with The Dog House of Barrington. (He is a K9 certified trainer, that’s just what I need.) Wow I never knew this place existed! And I have lived here 20 years. Right in the heart of town too.

Finlay and I go for our 1 hour free training assessment and mini session; I am impressed, he is signed up to start October 17th. In the meantime I have not been working much for 3 months and feel the need to stop saying no to new clients. The Dog House of Barrington to the rescue. Turns out that the training is just part of what the facility offers. The primary role is puppy day care, doggy day care, overnight care, boarding, grooming.

So Finlay has spent the last 2 weeks romping around with his puppy friends and getting used to the place before the real work begins. The puppies are in their own room. Always a staff member in attendance. We take his lunch and some snacks with us. He comes home dog (puppy) tired. After a quick dash around the yard he drops asleep in the kitchen. And he sleeps, and he sleeps.

Thank You To The Dog of House Barrington

finlay_4_months ready to go play at the dog house of barrington
Finlay – 4 Months Old

All my problems are solved. I’ll have a very well trained puppy, he has a place to go and play when Mom needs to meet clients and his socialization is top notch. ( A big cause of puppy problems is lack of socialization with other dogs and people.) He gets  a lot of exercise. On bad weather days he can go to The Dog House of Barrington and play.

After his training is complete we’ll be working on that together and getting back to our morning walk routine. I am thrilled to have a found a place to take him as needed and the rates are very reasonable. The staff are wonderful.

Finlay will go to The Dog House of Barrington at least once a week while I am working.

If you are a family that loves dogs, are looking to buy or sell in the Barrington area, don’t worry about a Realtor being afraid of dogs, I’ll welcome your pooch as part of your family too. Kitties too, we have 3 – Joey – 14, Shadow and Twinkie – twins 11. Give me a call at 847-363-3686.


Is Showing Feedback Useful or Accurate?

Showing feedback is generally requested of buyers agents that bring their buyers to your home. But is it useful or of any value, or is it even accurate? Should buyers agents even respond to the requests?

There is often a difference of opinion between Realtors as to whether it should be asked or answered. FYI…Feedback is a carry over from several decades ago at a time where all agents represented the seller.  That hasn’t been the case since the mid 1990’s. Sellers have their agent, buyers have theirs. Agents can work for both buyers and sellers at the same time, it’s legal in Illinois, but IMHO very dicey.

My opinion is that buyers agents have no business giving showing feedback when they are representing a buyer client.  I’ve been in this business long enough to know that a buyer can change their mind about a home and any clue given in feedback can have a detrimental effect if we move to making an offer.

showing feedback should not be given if sellers think a house is wowThink about it, a buyer loves a home and the agent lets the listing agent know. Then they make an offer and the seller decides to squeeze those extra dollars because he already knows the buyers want it.

By sharing any feedback you give away your client’s bargaining position.  There have been lawsuits buy home buyers brought against their buyers agents that have succeeded on this point.  That is a fact that has been upheld by courts!

What about giving more general feedback? Well Ok we could do that but really what can we say that’s going to be of any use to a seller. I hope nothing because your seller’s agent should already have done this with you when you listed the home. The reality is you, the property seller, just want to know if the buyer is going to make an offer.

Accuracy of Showing Feedback

First let’s be honest here. 99% of the requests for showing feedback come to the buyers agents by email. It’s a questionnaire. 99% of the email requests have the same or very similar questions. How have we ended up in this repetitive and somewhat useless situation? The answer is that many agents don’t want to give feedback so never responded to phone call requests. So some bright spark came up with the idea of sending out email questions. It is possible to vary the questions but few bother.

The Questions:

  1. Is your client interested in this home? (This is the only one a seller really wants to know and any buyer’s agent that says yes is not being true to their agency representation.)
  2. What was your overall showing experience? (Pretty pointless question.)
  3. You and your clients opinion of price? (Chances are this will not be answered or will come back as over-priced. It may not be, but the buyer does not want to pay the asking so moves on.)
  4. Rate this listing compared to others you’ve seen? (Of no use unless you know the homes they are looking at.)
  5. Do you recommend any changes to the property or have any comments? (Remove wallpaper! Like your agent did not tell you that!)

Or very similar.

Is There Any Showing Feedback

Some buyers keep their thoughts to themselves. There literally may not be anything they have to say. They may want to keep their thoughts to themselves, especially if it’s a first time out with a new Realtor. We have to spend time earning a client’s trust, it’s never instant.

As you can see sometimes the showing agent may have no information to provide. Maybe the responses to that email will be made up just to stop it coming again and again. (Typically the same email is sent 3 or 4 times).

Showing Feedback Is Your Decision

  • As a seller you have the right to ask your agent to at least ask for it, then you can do with any information provided what you want. Just do not expect it from every showing, that’s unrealistic.
  • As a buyer you should know that I do not provide feedback. Luckily in our MLS system I can turn it off so those emails never reach me! If an agent calls me, they get the answer, “nothing really to share at this time”.
  • For dual agency the issue gets very dicey. You want feedback but the buyers agent, who is also yours, should not really give it. Another reason I refuse to double side deals.



Overpriced Homes Don’t Sell. South Barrington Sellers Need To Understand The Current Market in Their Community.

What did we learn from the last realestate decline? Overpriced homes don’t sell. That is still true and in South Barrington home sellers need to understand the current market! Why? Because it has already peaked and signs are not thrilling.

A recent conversation I had with an agent that has listings in South Barrington leaves me scratching my head. The agent said he knew one of his listings was over-priced and would not sell at the current asking price. (I had shown the house to one of my buyers a week or so prior and they laughed at the asking price, saying it was ridiculous.) I wonder if he ever told the home owners he considers the price too high. Maybe he ‘gave them’ the price?  I am clueless as to why any agent would want to be responsible for marketing an over-priced home. Maybe he’s not bothering with marketing?

It’s astounding really! Granted we cannot accurately predict a sales price. But we usually have a reasonable range to use based on nearby sales; this one does not stand a chance! If the sellers have no clue, they are living in darkness. If it’s their price, then the agent is not helping by agreeing to it. When will either realize a price cut is needed? Perhaps this post will help.

There’s some pretty slamming data when it comes to the South Barrington real estate market right now. It’s slumping….no doubt about it.

South Barrington Average Marketing Times

If the supply is heavy and the demand is declining the result is longer market times. This graph was pulled today from the sales for South Barrington over the last year and some. That’s a pretty clear graphic, don’t you think?

overpriced homes don't sell

How Much Supply Do We Have in South Barrington

There are almost 18 months of homes available to buy in South Barrington, based on current sales rates; that appears to be climbing at a steady pace. So sellers need to know, it’s getting harder month by month. You are in both a beauty competition and a pricing competition. In 6 months you are out of the game, in 3 months you are falling out. Get with it and watch what’s happening! Or hire a Realtor that knows, wants to help you, and is willing to tell you the truth.

months of supply of homes for sale in south barrington is rising

Overpriced Homes Don’t Sell

Look, how much easier can it be to understand than by looking at this graphic. In January 2015 we had about 67 homes for sale in South Barrington. Of course we see an increase in the spring. BUT it never stopped! We are almost at 85.

homes for sale in south barrington

This year we have had 165 new listings in South Barrington. Of those 28 sold. 7 are pending, i.e. waiting to close. 7 are under contract with contingencies in play. 2 expired with no sale. 34 were cancelled. 81 are for sale. Some were listed last year and are still for sale. 6 were listed in 2014!

So while I am not intending to be the gloom and doom merchant, I am a realist. If your home is on the market in South Barrington, have you taken a long hard look at your pricing recently? Are you serious about selling or just hoping for a miracle.

Tip:- Lastly do not forget that your buyer is going to need an appraisal for a financed purchase and many cash buyers still seek one to be sure that they do not overpay. This is especially true in luxury home markets. What was yesterday is not what is today! Overpriced homes don’t sell….period.

Contact Corinne for a truthful assessment of your likely sales price. This is not meant as a solicitation if your home is listed with another brokerage. Ask your current broker to respond to your questions.

Barrington MLS Listings – The Data Is NOT Guaranteed

This post is going to be a short one, or at least I hope. Barrington MLS listings have a lot of data included in them but very little of it is guaranteed. This makes it difficult at times to formulate a plan to buy a property if you’re basing your offer on the data on that MLS sheet.


First it’s important to know which sources the data is compiled from.

  • The property seller
  • The County Assessor
  • Measurements
  • Old MLS records
  • Visual recording by the listing agent

The property seller should know all the answers about their property, surprisingly though they don’t. The County Assessor has some published information, some counties more than others, that information is not guaranteed either. Measurements are not required to be accurate and where rooms are concerned we give the nearest foot. Old MLS records may be worse than current ones. Agents make mistakes too.

  • There are some parts of the data which should be 100% spot on. How about the address? Well I hope so!
  • Some of the data is not required, can optionally be completed. That’s why some listings look more complete than others.

barrington MLS listings do not have accurate dataSo what data do buyers likely rely on?

  • Rooms and measurements
  • Square footage if provided
  • Taxes
  • HOA fees
  • Price
  • Schools

Aside from price I am willingly to tell you, the rest may be inaccurate.

  • Although we have guidelines on rooms and measurements it’s still estimated data. I hope the room counts are correct but not always!
  • Square footage can be determined by checking the County Assessor, Builder or Seller. None of them may be right.
  • Taxes -these should be correct but are not always updated promptly as we move year to year. Current exemptions may not apply to you!
  • HOA fees – often out of date with no current information available.
  • Schools. Please if this is a critical component for you, call the school administration offices for verification.

Sadly some Barrington MLS listings are very poorly prepared, let me go so far as to say lazily prepared. Select your Realtor wisely!

Barrington MLS Listings Data and Your Offer

And there you have it. I’ve thrown some doubt on your offer strategy! Sadly some of these pieces of information maybe incorrect and you’ll never know, nor will I. Some inaccuracies are more critical than others. So when you start looking at homes, be sure to learn about the houses you are looking at, make sure they have what you need, at least in as much as you can. Go back for a second look! It’s amazing what you see on the second tour that you missed the first time around.

Contact us today if you are looking to move to Barrington. Corinne will add her expert information to those listing sheets and help make sense of it all. Call her at 847-363-3686.

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Barrington Illinois

This is a current list of the top 10 most expensive homes in Barrington Illinois. This includes Barrington, Barrington Hills, South Barrington, North Barrington and all the villages in the 60010 zip code. Most homes will be South Barrington or Barrington Hills. Please bookmark this page as the available real estate listings will change from day to day. If you have any questions about any of the homes listed here, give Corinne a call at 847-363-3686.

Let us know how we can help you find your luxury home in the Barrington Illinois area. Give Corinne a call at 847-363-3686.

Search more luxury homes in South Barrington and Barrington Hills

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Barrington Illinois include South Barrington Luxury homes

Newest Home For Sale in Magnolia Pointe, 28 Star Lane, South Barrington

28 Star Lane, South Barrington mansion for sale. Homes that are newer in age in South Barrington are sought after, seems buyers still like new over old. Although our luxury market is a little swamped with homes over $1.5 million, Magnolia Pointe is one of our premium subdivisions with homes from $1.5 million up to $10 million in listing price. The highest sold was $3.75 million.

If you are looking for a young luxury home the square footage is 11,618 on a 1.9 acre lot. 28 Star Lane, South Barrington is not shown on our Magnolia Pointe subdivision gallery page because the listing agent has either forgotten to add the subdivision or does not think it to be relevant. So we’re showcasing it here for our discerning luxury home buyers. Built in 2008 the home has 6 bedrooms, 8+ bathrooms, a 5 car garage, a guest wing come in law arrangement, home theater and it’s very close to I-90 and just 10 minutes to Barrington Metra for commuting to Chicago Illinois.

magnolia pointe home for sale at 28 Star Lane, South Barrington

There’s plenty more to see in the home, the photos give you a taste of the finishes you can expect. A walk out basement adds more living space. Plenty of entertainment space, a second kitchen, game room, just about everything a hosting family needs for family, friends and parties.

There is an annual HOA fee, currently $2,400. Taxes currently are $41,303 for the year 2014 (last known bill). Those will update soon.

For help buying a home in South Barrington, Corinne has been working with luxury home buyers for over 10 years. She’s also been a resident of Barrington for 20 years. You can reach Corinne at 847-363-3686.

In the interests of being totally transparent here, Corinne Guest is not the listing agent for the home. Corinne is a dedicated agent with vast experience in both relocation, city to suburbs moves and luxury home buying and property valuing.


Corporate Relocation to Northern Illinois – Succeed By Yourself

More and more these days, non assisted corporate relocation to Illinois, accounts for alot of job related moves. Many companies have cut out their in house relocation assistance, no longer outsource it to a relo company, and may provide financial assistance for some but not for all. Employees moving for a promotion or new job are on their own. So where do they turn to and how can they get help?

Your Corporate Relocation – The Move to Northern Illinois

corporate relocation to illinoisYou’ve got 3 choices.

  • Go it alone and do the entire thing by yourself.
  • Hire yourself a relocation assistant, kind of like a guidance counselor.
  • Find a local Realtor with well rounded experience of the entire process, not just the real estate aspect. (Hard to achieve).

Your move to Northern Illinois includes some aspect of real estate and we’ll get to that part in a while. For now let’s look at all the other things that will be on your seemingly never ending to do list. Here are some things you’ll need to do depending on your family.

  • Kids will need to transfer schools.
  • The family will need to find new Doctors and Dentists.
  • You’ll need to learn the geography of your area in time but short term, where are the grocery stores, post office, gas stations etc.
  • Pets will need a new veterinarian.
  • Outdoor pets will need to learn their new territory and fencing may be an issue. i.e. going from physical fence to electronic.
  • The physical move needs planning, kids pets belongings – all of it.
  • Traveling across country or internationally, each have different aspects.

There’s no doubt you’ll have a long list and you’ll likely forget some things and not even consider others.

We are here to help. You see our experience is personal. From childhood through married life, Corinne has moved both nationally and internationally. As a married Mom each move has included young children and pets, so her expertise is from real life experience, not just a book. It’s like everything, the more you do something the easier it becomes, so lean on us. We’ll assume if you are here you’re going to need some accommodation too.

Corporate Relocation To Illinois – Real Estate

Why are we focusing on corporate relocation to Illinois? Simply because we know there are so many of you that get no help from the corporate world now. We too have relocated with a corporation, 3 times. The same corporation gave us both help and financial assistance for the first time, After that, nothing, we did it all ourselves. There may be some of you that do not need much help, maybe you’ve done it often enough to take it in your stride. Most are welcome for some assistance.

Corporate families usually know approximately where they are going, either geographically, maybe a big city like Chicago, or suburb where the new job is. If you’ve never been to Northern Illinois before you may have very little idea about the communities.

The first thing you must do is choose a few communities to focus your search on. This usually starts with online research but most of what you’ll find is information on homes. Well presented real estate websites provided by Realtors rather than companies, will offer community information for the areas they serve. Our community information is always a work in progress but will be limited to the areas of Northern Illinois that we serve, because we know them best.

Real estate is a big subject and we hope this website can answer a lot of your questions, especially for an Illinois home purchase but more specifically if you are looking to move to the areas we service and know best. Of course you can always ask us a question about your corporate relocation to Illinois, we are here to help.

Ask Quick Question

You can also start a home search here. I recommend you start by adding a city or zip code and you can refine on the following pages.


Barrington Farmers Market Thursday Evenings – September 8th

Barrington Farmers Market runs every Thursday afternoon to early evening from 2pm to 7pm. You can find the market at Cook St and Station St in the heart of the village.

The farmers market has been running since 2000 between late June and early October. The goal was to increase foot traffic in our historic village and bring our small community together locally. The market was started by residents living in the downtown area of Barrington. They are volunteers but are supported by the village. The market is a success!

With the fall season upon us it’s the perfect time to check out the Farmers Market in Barrington if you have not been before. The market features fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, flowers, pastries, and so much more.

barrington farmers market on thursdays

Donate To Barrington Farmers Market For Those in Need.

After you’ve bought your fall corn, local cheeses, bread, pastries, pasta and olives, make a donation. The Barrington Farmers market collects donations this year and provides Farmers Market gift certificates to the local food pantries so those in need can enjoy home grown food and products. Then head home and cook up the healthiest meal you have in a long time!

Low Barrington Property Appraisals – What Can Sellers Do?

Our last post addressed low Barrington property appraisals from a buyer perspective. Meaning they came in lower than the sales purchase amount. Now we’ll provide the sellers side of the situation.

Barrington property appraisals are carried out when buyers want to buy a home and finance it with a mortgage. Because we had a significant market tumble in recent years, cash buyers are also opting to have an appraisal to make sure they are not overpaying for homes. The buyer pays for the appraisal. You are notified that the appraisal is received for less than the amount on your sales contract.

The first thing is to get a copy of the appraisal as proof that the amount is low. This would normally be achieved through the attorney channels. Have your attorney ask for it. Once you have seen the valuation given by the appraiser and confirmed what the buyers are saying, please note there are things that should not be done.

  • First, you as a seller cannot dispute this appraisal with the appraiser and nor can your listing agent.

If either of you contact the appraiser it’s likely the lender’s compliance department is going to be notified by the appraiser. This is strictly regulated and prohibited by Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR).  Besides the potential fines and financial risks associated with this behavior, especially for the agent, the main problem with either of you contacting the appraiser directly is that the lender might not be able to close the loan as the regulators (TILA) prohibit a lender from extending credit when appraiser independence standards have been violated.

Imagine how your buyer is going to feel and what about you, the sale is lost! I hate to say law suit but…… never know.

Appraisals are meant to be independently carried out. We don’t want to fall back into the problems of old with a market full of fraud, mortgage defaults and the like. New laws are in place now.

If you feel the appraisal is wrong you may ask for it to be reviewed but you must have a legitimate basis for the request. In other words if you feel there are errors on the appraisal you must point out what they are and why they are incorrect. A review based on your emotions will not make it past first basis. If you decide to do this, let your attorney know and they can find out what you need to provide and to whom.

how Low Barrington Property Appraisals risk your sale

Reviewed Low Barrington Property Appraisals

After the review you’ll be notified of the result. Appraisers are licensed. It’s rare if ever they actually make a mistake, so we’ll carry on here as if that’s the case.

The appraisal amount has been re-confirmed at a price lower than your agreed purchase agreement.

What Can You Do?

You can ask the buyer to proceed at the original agreed price. They’ll will be required to come up with the difference in cash. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and think how you would feel about overpaying. Of course it depends on how much but the larger the amount the less likely your buyer is going to agree.

You can agree to the lower price and move forward with the sale. This is the quickest and easy solution to the issue. But some sellers might not like this idea, feeling their home is worth more. Should you decide to stick with the contract price and risk losing your buyer, consider this for a moment.

  • How long will you wait for another buyer?
  • Are you assured of reaching the same price on your sale?
  • Will your sale terms be as favorable?
  • What happens when the next appraisal comes in at even less that the first?
  • Is your moving situation going forward at risk and is there any financial cost associated with that?

It’s a risk and only you can chose to make it or not. Just weigh up all your pros and cons before making your decision. Is all of this worth risking your sold sign?

What About a Buyers Perspective?

View low Barrington property appraisals from the buyer’s perspective.

Visit our website for more on Barrington real estate and the surrounding villages.